No more wrong or duplicate gifts. Aladreams is born, a platform integrated with artificial intelligence that allows you to know the wishes of friends and relatives.

A modern Aladdin's lamp without the limit of the number three and without tests to overcome. Everything is much simpler: to see your wishes come true, simply register and insert links or photos of what you would like to receive as a gift. Thus, close to birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, your contacts will be able to choose without fail what to pack. Furthermore, to avoid taking risks, you can also "book" the purchase and prevent someone else from selecting the same gift.

An example to understand the potential of the platform: according to a survey - carried out in 2018 on a sample of 1,000 Italians - 35 percent of the gifts received at Christmas are not appreciated. Of these, 25 percent are given as gifts to someone else, 20 percent are sold online and 10 percent are thrown away.

Aladreams therefore allows you to say goodbye to unwanted gifts, waste of time and wasted effort searching for the perfect package. The platform also allows you to participate in shared gifts by paying only a fee as well as choosing to support non-profit organizations and social projects. All without taking up memory on your devices and without sharing your sensitive data.

An idea that promises well from the brothers Stefano and Pietro Ibba, respectively an engineer and a computer scientist, ready to launch their business thanks to the Startup desk of Sardegna Ricerche.

Aladreams is one of the projects that was awarded the Insight voucher, i.e. an economic contribution to which is added the consultancy of the regional agency's experts who have been guiding and supporting businesses for years. The Insight call is a tool designed to enhance entrepreneurial proposals with the potential to become startups, insert them and support them in a path capable of transforming the idea into a sustainable business model , ready to grow and face the market.

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