Damage and inconvenience in Sardinia due to storms and water bombs. The areas most affected were Oristano, Marmilla and Southern Sardinia.

The biggest problems were recorded in Mandas, in the area between Baressa and Baradili, and then in Turri and Ales. But the bad weather also made its effects felt in the Medio Campidano area.

There were floods, closed roads, fields completely covered by water, with a consequent alarm for crops.

In action, to manage the most at risk situations, the fire brigade and civil protection teams.

"It all started around 11.30 - says the mayor of Ales, Francesco Mereu - when a water bomb hit our territory. The rain caused various damage. submerged by water and a chasm opened. We were forced to close the road. Another chasm opened in via Amsicora and we also closed that road. "

"In one of these there was a construction company that reported some damage - continues Mereu, the mayor of Ales -. Much more serious than what happened in a horticultural company: the water dragged away about a thousand plants with flowers that were ready to be put on the market ".

The greatest damage was recorded in the countryside and on farms, the count of which is still ongoing.

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