The headquarters of the research coordination center of Stefano Muceli , the Cardedu farmer who has been untraceable since Tuesday evening, has changed. From the area of his sheepfold in Baccu 'e ludu, where it was set up on Wednesday morning, the center was transferred to the square in front of the Cardedu town hall. From here, the fire brigade and mountain and speleological rescue interface with the personnel in the field who, since the start of operations, have already combed around a hundred hectares.

The searches, through the carabinieri of Jerzu's company, were also extended to other areas, in particular they focus on Tortolì where the 57-year-old man was allegedly sighted. The cameras installed between via Monsignor Virgilio and viale Arbatax could offer comfort on the activity. So far, however, the reports have not had a concrete response.

When last seen on Tuesday evening, Muceli was wearing dark trousers and a red shirt with white bands. The mobilization involves groups of volunteers, ground vehicles and helicopters as well as search dogs.

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