The penultimate act of a 21-year-long history is the indictment of the Cassino prosecutor during the indictment in the trial for the death of Serena Mollicone, killed on 1 June 2001 in the Arce carabinieri barracks when she was just 18 years old.

The perpetrator of the murder of Serena Mollicone is Marco Mottola ”, the prosecutor Maria Beatrice Siravo said in the courtroom in no uncertain terms.

Marco Mottola is one of the three defendants accused of the voluntary murder and the concealment of the girl's body. The other two are his father Franco, former commander of the barracks , and Anna Maria, Franco's wife. The other two defendants in the trial are the lieutenant Vincenzo Quatrale and the police officer, Francesco Suprano.

The defense hypothesis that places the death of the girl outside the barracks does not hold up : the fragments of the back door where the young woman was attacked remained on the victim's hair, the institute of forensic medicine in Milan allowed to identify fragments of wood with compounds including glue, "which is not present in plants".

Marco Mottola defended himself in the courtroom saying that he did not kill Serena Mollicone, "nor did anyone in my family do it". "I never quarreled with her, I knew her because I went to her father's French lessons, we dated in a group up to the age of 16, but we never had any flirtations ".

According to the reconstruction of the coroners, the girl was first attacked in the service quarters of Mottola which would have made her bang her head against a door. The young woman fell unconscious due to some skull fractures but could be saved . "Instead, she was left in these conditions for several hours before being killed by the adhesive tape that was applied to her mouth and nose, causing her to suffocate."

Serena's body was found days later in the Anitrella wood.

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