Satnam Singh also died due to "profuse bleeding" .

This is what emerges from the first results of the autopsy ordered by the Latina Prosecutor's Office on the 31-year-old laborer of Indian origin who was the victim of a dramatic accident at work.

Singh had injured himself while working on a piece of machinery, which cut off his arm and lacerated both his legs . Instead of being rescued, he was put in the van and dumped under the house , the employer, according to what Singh's wife - who worked with him - had also confiscated their phones.

The detail that emerges from the autopsy is of great importance, it could in fact worsen the position of the only suspect - the employer Antonello Lovato - because with a timely intervention the laborer could have been saved.

Singh had been working illegally for two years, Lovato's company had been in the sights of the Prosecutor's Office for five years , under investigation for gangmastering .

Today Latina prosecutor Giuseppe De Falco spoke to Lazio TV: «The Satnam Singh affair has highlighted a serious situation that has existed for some time and which objectively seems to be increasing over time. There are sectors, such as agriculture, which hire personnel who, for economic reasons, agree to work in the absence of forms of protection and safety regulations. The investigations of the Latina prosecutor's office are numerous and try to attack these situations, to combat the exploitation of workers. In this sector it is easy to understand how the economic needs of workers lead them not to report. The appeal to those who witness such incidents is to make it known by reporting it ", he said.


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