«If you would like to come to one of our restaurants, we will be delighted. But be clear that you will pay the bill like all our guests. This will also allow you to be free when you talk about our experience on your channels. It's called intellectual honesty without conflicts of interest."

This is the response of Daniele " Lele" Usai , Michelin-starred chef, to a food blogger who had asked him to be able to dine for free at his restaurant - "Il Tino", on the outskirts of Rome - in exchange for a review on social media.

Having received the proposal, Usai wanted to make it public, posting it on Facebook.

In her message, the food blogger wrote: «With a group of 5-7 bloggers, an exact number to be confirmed, we will take a guided tour of the archaeological site of Ostia Antica and the museum of Roman ships in Fiumicino. I am writing to offer you a collaboration on Friday 10 February, since you are in the area. In exchange for your hospitality, we offer promotion through the social profiles of the individual participants and the community, as well as mentioning you among the tour activities in the magazine and on our blogs, from which the next tourists in Ostia will take inspiration for their itineraries".

Proposal that Usai however returned to the sender, with even a laconic and eloquent comment: "We are in really bad shape".


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