Alberto Genovese , the now ex web entrepreneur sentenced in Milan last September, with summary procedure, to 8 years and 4 months in prison for two cases of sexual assault on two models stunned with a mix of drugs, has given up appealing .

According to the new rules of the Cartabia reform , in the absence of an appeal in the second instance, a one-sixth discount on the sentence imposed in the first instance is automatically triggered.

The judge who issued the sentence will therefore apply the reduction and the sentence, which becomes definitive, will drop to just under 7 years.

The match for the defense of Genovese, represented by the lawyers Luigi Isolabella and Davide Ferrari, will then move to the Surveillance Court, because the 45-year-old former entrepreneur, arrested on November 6, 2020 and for some time now under house arrest in a detox clinic from cocaine, risks having to go back to prison , if the Public Prosecutor's Office issues a "non-suspended" prison order. In theory, sexual violence is a crime that prevents the granting of alternative measures to prison.

Meanwhile, one of Genovese's two victims, the model, just 18 years old at the time, who allegedly suffered abuse in October 2020 in the luxury penthouse in Milan, filed an appeal, for civil law purposes, insisting, through the lawyer Luigi Liguori, with a claim for damages of just over two million euros. The gup, last September with the sentence, had ordered a temporary provision for the young woman of 50 thousand euros, referring the assessment of the extent of the damages to the civil court. His lawyer, calculating the psychic, physical, moral and even financial damages "due to specific permanent incapacity for work" of the young model " in the percentage measure of 40% ", went so far as to re-propose the sum already requested in the first instance with the appeal.

Instead, Sarah Borruso, Genovese's ex-girlfriend, decided to appeal against the sentence, sentenced in short to 2 years and 5 months for competition in the alleged violence in Ibiza against a 23-year-old model.


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