Republican candidate Nikki Haley withdraws from the race for the White House.

He announced it in a speech in Charleston, South Carolina, his home state: «I launched my campaign for the presidency because I love my country and a week ago my mother, an immigrant, voted for her daughter. But now it's time to leave", said the former UN ambassador.

The decision was expected after the defeat suffered yesterday in the super-Tuesday election, although Haley surprisingly won the state of Vermont. For the moment, however, he is not giving his support to Donald Trump: the former president will have to earn the support of those who supported his campaign, he declared. “As Margaret Thatcher once said,” Haley said, “never follow the crowd, follow what you think is right.” Finally, he issued a warning against American isolationism which risks leading to new wars and reiterated his appeal to the country for the United States to be active on the international level and support Ukraine's cause.


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