Green light from the European Parliament to the text which calls for the immediate suspension of all legislative work relating to Qatar.

The decision comes after the shocking investigation launched by the Brussels prosecutor's office , which hypothesizes a round of bribes paid by the emirate to bribe MEPs to invite them to support initiatives and laws in favor of Doha and which led to the arrest of four people, including the former Eurochamber Vice-President Eva Kaili and former Italian MEP Antonio Panzeri.

The text was adopted with 541 votes in favour, 2 against and 3 abstentions.

Meanwhile, the investigations continue, with the investigators who have allegedly put the activities of over 60 MEPs under the microscope. According to some rumors, the European parliamentarians who could be affected by investigations and searches would mostly belong to the political families of the Socialists & Democrats, the European People's Party and other left-wing parties.

As for the reactions, "the contours are quite devastating," said Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, arriving at the European Council, in relation to the investigation.

"In these cases, I believe that the reaction counts for a lot and the reaction must be firm and decisive," added the prime minister, hoping that "no discounts will be shed" on any responsibility.


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