The World Cup in Qatar continues to surprise: a man invaded the field during the first minutes of the second half of Portugal-Uruguay . The protagonist of the incident is the Italian Mario Ferri, better known as "Falco".

The young man, famous for his raids on the pitch during football matches , had the rainbow flag on his shoulders in support of the rights of LGBTQ+ communities. On her shirt, however, stood out the symbol of Superman and a double message: "Save Ukraine" on the front and "Respect for Iranian women" on the back.

In the 52nd minute of the match, after running across the field for about 30 seconds in front of the players , Ferri was literally tackled to the ground by a steward and then escorted off the field by the police before being released : against the Italian no action has been taken.

Born in 1987, at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil Ferri took the field during Belgium-United States with a T-shirt with the words "Save the children of the favelas" and "Ciro Vive", in homage to Ciro Esposito, the Napoli fan killed by a gunshot before the 2014 Coppa Italia final.

It is the first time such an action has taken place in a World Cup match in Qatar, after all the controversies regarding respect for the rights and treatment of people in the LGBT+ community. Although Fifa has assured that flags or clothing with the colors of the rainbow would be tolerated in the stadiums, in fact the security forces have withdrawn them several times.


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