In investment transactions "I have always checked with the utmost rigor, based on the full confidence of my office".

Cardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu thus reiterated, during the last hearing of the trial in the Vatican on the management of the funds of the Holy See , the absolute correctness of his actions .

The prelate of Pattada , in particular, wanted to definitively clarify - explains a note released by his lawyers - "a series of issues, from funding to the diocese of Ozieri to the London building affair".

As regards the individual financial investments subject to the process, Becciu reiterated: "I have never implemented strategic investment decisions . Those made were made on the basis of the proposals of the specific office, mainly through Monsignor Perlasca (the whose position has been filed, ed). They gave me their reasons as it happened for the London building and having had no reasons to the contrary, I gave my consent ".

And then the question of the London palace: " Perlasca didn't tell me anything ," Becciu said. “I have always had respect for him - he added - for his fairness and honesty. What I reproach him is that he did not inform me of any critical issues in the investments ".

"I was underlined - continued Becciu - the great advantages of the operation . Only advantages, not negative notes". Furthermore, the prelate concluded, " I trusted Monsignor Perlasca , who has always been considered expert and competent in his matters".

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