Tragic accident on state road 389, between Buddusò and Pattada.

The victim is Salvatore Vargiu, 82, one of the kidnappers convicted of the kidnapping of Fabrizio De Andrè and Dori Ghezzi, which took place in Sardinia in 1979.

The car in which he was travelling, perhaps due to an illness, skidded and went off the road hitting the concrete wall in full.

Following the impact, the car overturned and help was useless.

On the spot, together with the carabinieri, the 118 health workers who could not do anything but ascertain his death.

Salvatore Vargiu, originally from Pattada, had served a 25-year prison sentence for the kidnapping of De Andrè and Dori Ghezzi and after being released again, he once again found himself having to deal with justice: in 2013 he was been convicted of a crime that had nothing to do with his past: 5 months for attempted theft of feed.


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