His face covered, in his hand a can of petrol poured entirely onto the van. The intent is to destroy work tools and professional equipment purchased with sacrifice, but also the existence of those behind that company, which was hit hard.

The latest arson act in Porto Torres has brought three families to their knees and the business of young people who, after the death of their father, had rolled up their sleeves to resume the business inherited from their parent, who died 8 years ago.

The images from the video surveillance cameras record the arson act. The flames that broke out around 2am last night destroyed the Ford Transit van of the Ginatempo Domotica company, together with all the equipment used for systems and antenna installations. The tongues of fire reached the garage door and a company Ford Focus.

"My brother ran barefoot down the street to move the car, overtaking the burning van, but the car was still damaged." The damage is extensive. Over 50 thousand euros. «Forty years of sacrifices wasted, five partners and three families on their knees. They ruined us", are the bitter words of the owners who were victims of the intimidating act. “You destroyed not only the van, but our confidence in the immediate future and that of our employees' families.”

To the request for help, the response of the Turritan community was immediate. The fundraising for the Ginatempo family has started, the resources raised have exceeded 10 thousand euros in just a few hours. «While waiting for justice to be done, this is the only hope we have to resume our business. To date we have neither a means nor the equipment to work. Thanks to those who want to help us in this moment of profound crisis."

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