A road-construction site between two four-lane stretches: the infamous, still unfinished section of the Sassari-Olbia road between Berchidda and Oschiri is the scene of the accident which this morning saw a seriously injured person transported by air ambulance to the Santissima Annunziata hospital in Sassari and the blocking of the state road for over an hour with serious inconvenience for numerous workers and motorists who travel the road that connects the two poles of northern Sardinia in the early morning.

The collision at 7.45am between an Opel Astra and a Megane station wagon. According to initial investigations, it was the driver of the Opel traveling from Olbia towards Sassari with three other people on board who lost control of the vehicle and ended up, after hitting a New Jersey, against the other car traveling in the opposite direction .

In that section, in fact, you travel on one lane in each direction . The collision was violent but the two passengers of the Opel suffered the worst, one - the most serious - was transported to Sassari under code red for a head injury and other injuries. The traffic police intervened on site and carried out the investigations, the firefighters, 118 and Anas personnel.

The accident , which occurred right at the beginning of the construction site, where the road narrows, highlights the urgency of completing the endless works on the Sassari-Olbia which, between stretches similar to a motorway, sudden narrowings and forced gymkhanas, is a of the most dangerous on the island .

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