The four health managers accused of manslaughter and culpable epidemic in the death of 72-year-old surgeon Marco Spissu were acquitted . The specialist, killed by the Covid on April 15, 2020 , he had contracted the virus from a patient he had treated in the private Sassarese Polyclinic .

This morning the investigating judge of the Court of Sassari , Giuseppe Grotteria, rejected the request for indictment of the defendants presented by prosecutor Paolo Piras and decreed the "no place to proceed, because the fact does not exist", against Fiorenzo Delogu , coordinator of the crisis unit of the social health area of Ats - defended by the lawyers Silvio Piras and Giovanni Sechi - and of three managers of the Sassarese General Hospital : Paolo Argenti , managing director, Angelo Pietro Melis , medical director, and Angelo Capriotti , manager of the prevention and protection service, assisted by the lawyer Agostinangelo Marras .

Paolo Argenti has been indicted but only for the hypothesis of contravention offences. Delogu was charged with the crime of omission of official documents for having unduly refused, as coordinator of the local crisis unit, to order the execution of a swab to ascertain Spissu's coronavirus positivity, as well as the crime of death as a result of another crime. The defendants were charged with manslaughter and manslaughter.


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