From wind announcements to the "war" at sea, the step is short. Just enough time for an announcement chanted to the sound of a megaphone in the silence of that stretch of water in front of the exclusive oasis of Capo Caccia, the advanced tip of the Coral Riviera. The voice is peremptory, via radio and beyond. Flashing lights reflected on that turquoise expanse that stands out on the horizon of that sinuous coast perched on the hairpin bends between Alghero and Bosa. It is forbidden for fishermen and boats to approach. All the way back, for those who dare to make the daily gesture of crossing that stretch of sea, or those who, for the first time, had decided to explore the vestiges of nature, those of the dolphins and the exclusive Bue Marino cave.

Sea Gendarmes – The new sea gendarmes, those who have occupied that stretch of coast for days, fly the unknown flag of Palau. Nothing to do with the opposite bank of La Maddalena. That ship without stars, deployed in "war" against the Sardinian sea, has arrived here directly from the other side of the world, exactly from the Republic of Palau, an island state in the Pacific Ocean, 500 km east of the Philippines. A rock in the middle of the sea with just twenty thousand inhabitants, just enough to have a ship capable of sounding the length and breadth of the exclusive coasts of north-western Sardinia. The nose of this vessel is disturbing, but not as disturbing as the equipment it stores in the hold, towards the stern.

Halt - If it hadn't been for that halt announced last night to the fishermen of Alghero, this latest abuse would also have gone unnoticed. Instead, now that the radar traces return the wavy course of this ship, everything is clearer. The lords of the wind, having arrived from the other side of the world, have decided to put the sea of the island under attack, as if the time for bureaucratic papers was over. The time has come for predators of the Sardinian wind to measure the depths, latitudes and orography of the seabed, the time to devastate with the sound of cyclopean wind turbines to be shamelessly placed right there, a stone's throw from the pristine scenery of the Cetacean Sanctuary.

Denar Explorer – To reveal what the “Denar Explorer” is up to in the middle of the sea are the satellite radars that for three days and three nights have been recording that boring up and down, from Alghero to Bosa and vice versa, and then from the coast to the line boundary of territorial waters. The radar strips we publish are much more than a confession. To mark the mission of this ship that has come from afar there is a correspondence that has been climbing for weeks in the state and regional offices, in the port authorities and in the rooms of the Navy. They had been trying since March to sweep the Riviera del Corallo, from Capo Caccia to the mouth of the Temo, in Bosa, but they didn't have all the credentials in order.

Licensing Pinball Machine – Licensing pinball machine went on with the relentless beat of a jackhammer. In order to try to discover the instigators and financiers of this undercover operation, it is necessary to "undermine" the offices of the Coast Guard in Alghero. It is there that on 23 March the unexpected request of an apparently Roman company, with a multidisciplinary name, the "Poliservizi" arrives. They don't immediately state the reasons why they ask to be able to sound that stretch of sea from top to bottom, but it doesn't take much to find out.

Wind farm Sardinia - The core business of landing in the Sardinian sea appears in the papers: in the name and on behalf of the "Aalea" company, authorization is requested for a morpho-bathymetric and environmental investigation - through the use of motor vessels “Denar Explorer” and “Orca II” - as part of the project called “Wind Farm Sardegna” relating to the construction of an offshore wind farm in the north-west of Sardinia».

Correspondence on the high seas - Endless authorization correspondences appear, from the Hydrographic Institute of the Navy to the green light even of the Sardinian Region, which, without a fight, on the one hand contests the wind power in words and on the other grants, protocol n. 14999 dated last April 6th, the Department of Local Authorities, Finance and Urban Planning was given the clearance to sound out that sensitive stretch of sea, with the intention of attacking it with blows from gigantic wind turbines. Mysteries of the times and beyond. The more shrewd ones try to put the limits on the "Denar Explorer", up to "forcing" the company to withdraw the second ship, but the unknown factor that oozes from the cards is eloquent.

Danger status – What kind of depth investigations need to be done? What kind of geological prospecting do you want to put in place? The safety precautions that the Coast Guard puts in black and white are not those for measuring a buoy in the middle of the sea. The Maritime District Office of Alghero writes: «until the end of the morpho-bathymetric investigations, during operations it is forbidden for units in general to sail or stop within a radius of 400 (four hundred) meters from the ship "Denar Explorer which must be considered "Ship with maneuvering difficulties"». The men of the Captaincy circumscribe the course of the ocean vessel in four points, but the track recorded by the radar appears wider. Certainly the recommendations for those in the area are not reassuring: «the Captain of the ship has the obligation to display the expected daytime signals and distinctive night lights, the company staff, before undertaking any activity, will have to ascertain that the stretch of water affected by the surveys is cleared of the presence of moving units».

The tormented night – The fishermen who came across the boat swear they recorded roars in sequence, as if to signal that there in the middle of the sea the patrols of the seabed could be done with air guns, seismic "bombs", those capable to produce impressive "refractions" in the marine subsoil through the intensity of the reverberation generated by relevant "explosions" of air. If it were a question of a simple patrol of the seabed, it would be difficult to explain the prescriptions put in black and white: "during the activities, all necessary precautions must be taken so that the transit of ships and boats in the sea area affected by the works takes place in conditions of maximum safety. The operating personnel will have to pay particular attention to any units that may approach the survey area, providing, if necessary, to emit special optical-acoustic signals to attract their attention and invite them to leave".

Safety alert - But that's not all: "All units navigating near the body of water engaged in the activity must keep a safe distance from it, paying close attention to any optical/acoustic signals that the personnel in charge of the work should address to them, as well as proceeding with the maximum permitted caution (speed not exceeding 3 knots)». Last annotation. The "Wind Farm Sardegna" project referred to in the authorization for this wind "mission" at sea falls entirely within the area of the project unveiled last August by our newspaper, that of the Swedes of Hexicon AB The invasion plan is clear: 54 wind turbines with double inclination, 332 meters high, power 25 megawatts each, with a sea surface to be occupied equal to 38,000 football fields. The Capo Caccia scar is around the corner.

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