Call it the "Saccargia Coup". The decisive year is 2023, 907 years after the consecration of the Abbey of the same name, which was built, as austere as it is imposing, in the lands that were once part of the "Giudicato di Torres". The crime was committed by the Italian State, in the land of Sardinia. It is Mario Draghi himself who "stabs" the Nuragic proscenium. Banker of Europe, always a man of world finance, a sort of wind and photovoltaic bulldozer , capable of annihilating like nothing, with "rotating skyscrapers" and expanses of Chinese mirrors, past civilizations and remote identities.

The last crime

To carry out his last crime, before his expulsion from Palazzo Chigi, he chose the highest bell tower in Sardinia, the black and white one which stands out forty meters above the sky of Codrongianos, in the ancient crossroads between Logudoro and Gallura. Protecting the exclusive two-tone nature of Saccargia, on the sinuous landscape towards Nulvi and Ploaghe, stand 57 Nuragic symbols of the thousand-year history of the great civilization of the Sardinian people. “Cianfrusaglia”, for the Government of Rome. They don't just think it, they write it directly in the scandalous resolution of Palazzo Chigi which gives the green light to the extreme massacre. It is March 10, 2022. Under discussion, in the muffled halls of power, is the most controversial wind project of the "first wind republic", the one where dozens of wind turbines were placed with impunity, not caring about everything, from investors to the effects on the landscape and archaeological assets. In that ready-to-wear session of the Council of Ministers not only do they ignore the thousand-year history of that land, but they also turn a blind eye to the more recent one, marked by the reckless wind-power voracity of an "electrician" from Alcamo, none other than the " wind power arm” by Matteo Messina Denaro. It was he, Vito Nicastri, the "windy" attendant of the last "boss of bosses", who raised that "disgusting" 51 shovels 76 meters high each behind the Basilica of Saccargia. They confiscated them one by one. Needless to say, mafia investigation. Until the oil breakthrough.

The age of wind oil

The shovels, old, small and not very profitable, found a powerful buyer in 2013: Erg, acronym for Edoardo Guida Garrone, the oilman who had refined millions of barrels of black gold and built oil pipelines around Italy. The Saccargia "wind-oil" project is a sort of disastrous " damnatio memoriae ": razing to the ground the blades that were installed on that promontory more than twenty years ago, to replace them with 27 new latest generation wind turbines 200 meters high , triple the previous pylons. They reason with the incentive multiplier, the oil tankers lent to the wind. The transition is not insignificant: from the previous 43 megawatts the aim is for the future 121.5.

Project rejected

Everyone rejected the project, the Superintendencies and the Region first and foremost. The arguments are an avalanche: environmental, landscape, archaeological and naturalistic devastation. The opinions are "encyclopedias" on monuments, nuraghi and landscape values, starting from the Basilica of Saccargia which has dominated the promontory for almost a thousand years. The "Erg Wind Sardinia", like the worst colonizers, depreciates, to the point of debasing, the territory object of the invasion: «hilly agricultural land, characterized mostly by pastures and uncultivated land and, to a minimal extent, by arable land , as they are not subjected to particular environmental constraints".

Total devastation

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage rejects them out of hand: «all the wind turbines designed would have been disproportionate in size compared to the heights of the localization context and that in the visual area of 9 km from the project (calculated in proportion to the height of the wind turbines) there were assets restricted, including the SS Trinità of Saccargia, the area of Scala di Giocca and the terrace of San Pietro di Silki". It wasn't enough. From the Ministry's minutes it emerges eloquently that the project area «was classified by the Sardinia Region as "unsuitable" for the installation of systems powered by large-scale wind energy sources as the wind turbines in question would have been positioned at a distance less than 1,600 meters from archaeological assets, including numerous nuraghi and the archaeological complex of Fiorosa, consisting of a nuraghe and the "giants' tomb".

Damned oilmen

The wind oil companies cannot rest. On 26 November 2020 they pardoned the Sardinia TAR: the opinion of the Superintendence is legitimate. On December 31st they also lost at the Council of State. The ways of the Erg, however, are infinite. With a textbook procedure, the Ministry of Ecological Transition, that of Roberto Cingolani, now a new producer and seller of weapons on behalf of Leonardo SpA, decides to reopen the process of that project which seemed dead and buried.

Draghi, the "celestial" powers

At Palazzo Chigi the "celestial" powers of "resurrection" materialize on 10 March 2022 when Mario Draghi himself advocates the practice. There is a dispute between two ministries to be resolved, that of "energy speculation" and that of cultural heritage. The “wind coup” is upon us. The verdict of Palazzo Chigi is a slap in the face to Sardinia, its history, its landscape, its identity. The Government writes: «the Council of Ministers, in comparing the interests involved, identified on the one hand in landscape protection, and on the other in the development of energy production from renewable sources, as well as in the entrepreneurial and economic value of the work in question, considers the prevailing interest in increasing renewable energy sources and in carrying out the work in question". Put to choose, Draghi & company chose the "wind oilmen", they preferred the private interest of the Erg to the supreme values of the Sardinian landscape and its protection. For them the infinite archaeological site, Nuragic and beyond, is a frill to be razed to the ground with wind turbines and panels. The Region resists. He goes to the TAR and wins. Draghi resolution annulled. The oil companies, however, do not give up. They return to the Council of State and win.

Disfigurement coming

Now the disfigurement of the land of Saccargia can proceed. Of course, the Region can deny the unique authorization under its jurisdiction, but the silence of Viale Trento, more than two months after that sentence, does not help to give hope. Now Sardinia is called to take the field and wants to react, starting from those spontaneous committees that are forming and mobilizing in every corner of the island to repel this unequal assault on the Sardinian landscape.

Live from Saccargia

The first popular demonstration is scheduled for Saturday, from 2.30 pm, in the churchyard of the Basilica of Saccargia. An initiative that promises to be impressive, with dozens of musical groups that have already joined the day of mobilization which will be broadcast live by Videolina, Radiolina and An important opportunity to implement collective action and clarify the true intentions of the Region.

Boomerang risk

Yesterday, once again, the Regional Council, meanwhile, took its time with an amendment to the already useless bill filed in the Regional Council more than a month ago, emphatically passed off as a moratorium. Now, as our newspaper has been reiterating for months, an "urban planning path" is proposed, but it is done with a confused and botched amendment, which risks proving to be harmful once again. It is correct to address the issue through territorial planning, using primary expertise in urban planning, but foreseeing a "transitional" use risks turning into a serious and unprecedented boomerang.

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