It was an argument between two brothers , one of whom had some psychological problems, but some of the neighbors thought they heard the sound of a gunshot . Thus it was that five carabinieri patrols arrived in via Enrico Toti, in Pirri , with machine guns in hand and ready to engage in a firefight. But in reality, whoever had raised the alarm at one-one-two was wrong : the argument was there, but the gun wasn't and everything ended up being a false alarm.

The moments of tension occurred just before 7pm, when the neighbors heard screams coming from an apartment. Immediately after the arrival of the patrols, when it seemed clear that no shooting had occurred , the carabinieri spoke with the two brothers, who have had some cohabitation problems for some time and for this reason they often get into heated arguments. But nothing more than that.

The intervention of the Carabinieri therefore ended without arrests or reports in a state of freedom .

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