Pietro Basile , the 28-year-old from Bitti who was serving a final sentence of 16 years in prison in the penal colony of Mamone after killing his father at the height of a dispute on New Year's Day in 2014, is officially wanted.

Last Tuesday, after a five-day award license to prepare for the school-leaving examination in the hotel industry expired, the man did not show up at the Bitti carabinieri barracks for the signature and never returned to the penal colony .

" I want to tell you to go home immediately and not to give me any sorrows ," Daniela Agus, the boyfriend's girlfriend, said to the microphones of Videolina's news program. "We've been through worse situations than this, please come back, I'm here, you'll never be alone."

“Peter has suffered so many injustices - said the woman - and he was very demoralized: he was not helped and he was not granted things that are nothing more and nothing less than what the law allows in his case. He was better off in the Alghero prison , where the rehabilitation penalty worked and there was a strong focus on the social reintegration of the prisoners. All this is not possible in Mamone ”.

Basile shot his " master father ", as defined by the defense, at the height of yet another quarrel in a family situation by now worn out. First he fled, after three days he turned himself in to the carabinieri. The 28-year-old began serving his sentence in the Nuoro prison of Badu 'e Carros, then was transferred to Alghero and then to Mamone.

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