The 21-year-old Michele Colpani, boyfriend of the seventeen-year-old Francesca Alessia Pisano who lost his life in the tragic accident of 12 April in Poggio dei Pini, was entered in the register of suspects with the hypothesis of road murder. The two young men from Capoterra were traveling on the Alfa GT of the young man who, for reasons still to be ascertained, went off the road near a double curve. On Tuesday, the girl would have turned 18.

The investigation

The investigations by the carabinieri, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Nicoletta Mari, are still underway to identify a second vehicle, a white car, which was reported by an eyewitness. The two vehicles - according to the story of a young man who followed the couple who ended up off the road - would have found themselves in front of each other at the exit of a curve, but for the moment the Prosecutor has decided to proceed with the custody anyway. technical advice to ascertain the dynamics of the accident. For this reason, the 21-year-old who was driving the Alfa GT was entered in the register of suspects.

The advice

The prosecutor commissioned the road accident expert Stefano Ferrigno to ascertain the dynamics of the accident, analyzing both the vehicle impounded and the findings collected by the carabinieri. The boy, defended by the lawyer Giuseppe Sideri, has not appointed his own biased consultant. During the conferral of the assignment, the lawyer Franco Villa was also constituted for Antonello Pisano, the father of the deceased girl: the family indicated the engineer Paolo Marcialis as its expert. The first results of the technical assessments requested by the Prosecutor will be known within 90 days.

The dynamics

According to the initial findings, still summary, the Alfa GT would not have traveled at a high pace, but when the car went off the road it would have hit a tree and overturned. The two young boyfriends would have been thrown out of the cockpit and Alessia Pisano was transported to the Brotzu hospital in Cagliari in red code. Despite the doctors' desperate attempt to save her life with surgery, the 17-year-old didn't make it. Meanwhile, investigators continue to search for the car that was reported by the friend of the two and that would have crossed the Alfa an instant before the accident.

Francesco Pinna

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