Thousands of people, who increased in a continuous crescendo throughout the evening, accompanied È-vento di Saccargia, the event against the energy invasion of the island . The basilica of Codrongianos is among the symbolic places of the protest and late in the evening it is still full of demonstrators, listening to the music of Sardinian artists.
«Here they are compromising our archaeological monuments », says Giovanni Cossu from Uta. «We cannot tolerate this past, of which we are children, being taken away from us. This is why we intend to fight. We intend to fight with science, we intend to fight with our commitment, we intend to fight by making ourselves heard throughout Italy, if necessary ."
But Luigi Pisci immediately made it clear on behalf of the anti-wind committees that organized the event: «Everyone, from the institutions to all of us, must ensure that anger does not take over democracy . Here they are stealing our land: be careful not to transform Saccargia and events like this into a huge problem of public order", said Pisci. « There will be a before and an after this great event. We need to be united, seek dialogue with the institutions. On Sardinia there are requests for 56 Gw when our needs at most reach 2.5 . We have not been able to protect the territory based on its beauty and heritage. This is because the political class does not know the territory. We want the urban planning law to prohibit this massacre in our Sardinia."

Among the public there are those who knock on the doors of the Region: « President Todde, you have the duty to defend Sardinia and to question the energy ceiling, otherwise nothing will be resolved », says Gianni Orrù, Uta activist. «The situation is not resolved by saying we have identified the areas: but which areas does the Region want to identify if the whole of Sardinia is being devastated? This energy is of no use to the Sardinians, it cannot be transported outside Sardinia. So President, what game are we playing?". È-vento di Saccargia was also an opportunity to listen to the music of various Sardinian bands.

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