"There hasn't been a regional plan in past years, now we need to erase the disaster that has been made and work towards a serious programming plan." These are the words of the leader of the M5S, Giuseppe Conte, who this morning was in Sassari for the start of the electoral tour in view of the European and administrative elections.

The council led by Alessandra Todde has passed a controversial resolution, yet to be transformed into a possible law, which aims to block the installation of new wind and photovoltaic systems in Sardinia for 18 months, pending the identification of the areas considered suitable. A measure considered by many parties to be weak and ineffective (if not counterproductive) to counter the assault.

The position remains. «Now the new Todde administration», continues Conte, «is working on a plan in order to pursue an absolutely necessary ecological transition, therefore with investments in renewable sources, but speaking with citizens, with the territories», he added, «respecting the landscape and natural resources of this land."

Meanwhile, on May 30th the groups and committees against energy speculation will meet in Cagliari, in Piazza Garibaldi, for a demonstration that will reach the Regional Council. The appointment is at 9.30.

The energy transition

«Air pollution, climate change, the way in which we continue to consume the soil, the way in which we continue to produce and consume food: we cannot dump on the young people who will come, we must preserve the natural resources we have inherited», says Giuseppe Conte in the evening on the stage of the Doglio Theater in Cagliari .

«We must transmit and preserve the biodiversity which is the wealth we have inherited and we cannot escape the challenges of our time , we must be aware that new ways of life, new ways of production and consumption are being prepared», continues the president of the M5s. «We must continue the work of urban regeneration or that of energy communities».

And then artificial intelligence which «is perhaps comparable in impact to what was the first great revolution, an incredible shift in professional profiles, a transmigration, some will be lost, others will be acquired, an height must govern these transformations."


The former prime minister then spoke about healthcare : «Sardinia is an example of the Italian healthcare disaster», he said. "I have seen first-hand the difficulty of healthcare in this region too, we spoke with many people, many associations", he underlines.

And again: « We cannot allow further cuts to healthcare. Giorgia Meloni, we can no longer allow you to continue investing in weapons and instead take away resources from healthcare." But for Conte it's not just about funding: "The choices must fall on competent people, party cards or political sympathies cannot count, because otherwise healthcare will become an abyss and how much money we put in will be of no use, we need to reverse course" . And then the differentiated autonomy which "will return 20 regions completely unbalanced, here there is nothing of the legitimate independence to which one is entitled" , claims the five-star leader. And again fingers are pointed at the prime minister for the announced abolition of the southern contribution: «It was introduced by the Conte government, fundamental in trying to rebalance the difficulties of entrepreneurs, but then you're making fun of Sicily and Calabria, take those funds and put them on the phantasmagoric project of the bridge over the Strait."

The war in Ukraine

The images of Kiev and the territories at war in Ukraine projected on the video wall flow and accompany the arrival on stage of the president of the M5s, welcomed with the applause of over 600 people at the Doglio Theater in Cagliari. «How did we get to this, how did we get to the brink of world conflict - he begins after the images of the bombings in Ukraine -. I am very worried, I cannot resign myself to Italy and Europe being dragged into war ."

Conte insists: «They told us that war was the inevitable strategy, we were mocked and they tried to divide us and throw us away from the political system, but we immediately took a clear position and we continue to fight to say no to more weapons, no to this military escalation, no to this conflict with unpredictable outcomes", he thunders amid applause and comments from the audience.

"Other political forces express a plural orientation, our candidates are concentrated on a single position." On the Israeli raid in Rafah: «I am ashamed to be represented by a government that turns the other way when faced with this atrocious page of history - he says, pointing the finger at Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who appears in the images on a military vehicle - who he does nothing and abstains three times before the United Nations assembly. I don't feel represented by this government and I'm ashamed ."


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