The unions had already pointed this out. Now even the president of the regional council, Michele Pais , worried about the fate of Alghero airport , admits that the hypothesis of activating the redundancy fund for Sogeaal personnel would clash «with the performances that have been highlighted by the management company itself of the airport, which sees it among those that have had the greatest growth at a regional and national level".

In January, for example, passenger traffic at the airport grew by more than 30 percent compared to the pre-pandemic period . In Pais' opinion it is «certainly necessary to support and accelerate the investments planned in the airport to make it competitive and suitable for a market such as the air market which requires adequate infrastructures, also in non-aviation services, and technologically advanced. From this point of view there is all the commitment, with concrete actions, of the president Solinas and the councilor Moro to defend and strengthen the airport that can no longer perpetually alternate moments of strength and weakness, which over the years have appear wrongly, sometimes guilty, always precarious. It can't be like this. We need, once and for all, stability and certainties of the future », concludes the president of the regional council who, in the next few days, will go to the airport «to dialogue with the top management of the management company».

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