After the message sent to the parish communities by Father Paolo Contini regarding the affair linked to the abuse suffered as a seminarian and the consequent developments, the clarifications arrive from Archbishop Roberto Carboni.

«In reference to the message of Father Paolo Contini written to his parish communities, published in recent days on social media and taken up by the press, where comments are made on appointments made in a diocese of Sardinia» specifies the archbishop, «I consider it necessary to clarify that the expressions used by me, and taken up again by him without my authorization, were extrapolated from a personal message and must be contextualized to be understood in their meaning. They wanted to respond, in the form of solidarity and closeness, to his emotional situation which was expressed to me at that moment, but they absolutely did not question the legitimacy and autonomy of that bishop in his pastoral choices, nor were they a judgment on people. The story of Father Paolo, regarding the abuse he suffered, has received all possible attention in recent months, from me and from the ecclesial authorities in charge, to safeguard his right to a fair trial" .

«As soon as the news spread - Father Contini had written - Archbishop Roberto Carboni himself immediately wrote me a message saying: "I just saw the news searching on the internet, it leaves me disconcerted and angry, I understand your state of mind" ».

«I thank our pastor for his immediate stance - he added - and I understand his bewilderment and his anger in the face of the absurdity of choices in which, those who were deserving of "resignation", are suddenly entrusted with first floor. I understand your dismay at seeing not my person offended, but a healthy Church that does not accept any compromise on such a delicate topic as that of child abuse."


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