Army general Roberto Vannacci has been suspended from office for 11 months . This is the sanction applied by the Minister of Defense, Guido Crosetto, following the disciplinary proceedings initiated last October 30 after the publication of the general's book "The world in reverse".

According to the defense lawyer, Giorgio Carta, the provision " stigmatizes the circumstances of the publication of the book " which allegedly showed a " lack of sense of responsibility " and led to an " injury to the principle of neutrality/third party of the Armed Forces " , «compromising the prestige and reputation of the Administration to which they belong and generating possible disruptive and divisive emulative effects within the military structure».

Therefore, "a consequent equal seniority deduction and salary halving" are also expected for 11 months.

The defender announces that an "immediate appeal will be presented to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court, with a request for suspension, revealing the conflict with the right to free expression of thought guaranteed to all citizens, including the military".

«An investigation a day, it's ridiculous, how scary is the General?» the commentary on X by Matteo Salvini . «Long live freedom of thought and speech, long live the Armed Forces and the Police Forces, long live the men and women who defend the honor, freedom and security of Italians every day».


Vannacci in Sardinia: «No to the dictatorship of minorities»


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