Pieces of diaper in the stomach of little Diana, the 18-month-old girl who died of starvation in Milan after being left alone at home for several days by her mother , Alessia Pifferi.

A further piece that adds to the investigations into the long agony of the little girl. What at first seemed like shreds of pillow and mattress were actually shreds of diaper , the one that the girl had taken off and which was found not far from the body.

According to the investigators , he tried to eat it because he was hungry . According to the autopsy, Diana died of thirst , due to prolonged dehydration aggravated by the high temperatures of this July: closed at home in the studio flat in via Parea, with the windows suitably sealed so that the neighbors would not hear her cries and without air conditioning.

According to the investigators, even if denied by Alessia, the fact that the little girl was also drugged with benzodiazepines is irrefutable. With "massive" doses whose quantity is still to be established from the analyzes on the bottle with milk residues found next to the baby.

Alessia Pifferi has been in prison since July, the prosecutor at the end of the probative incident will ask for immediate judgment on the charge of multi- aggravated murder . She has always said that she has decided to leave the little girl alone driven by the need to create a life with her boyfriend, who did not know about Diana being left alone. The child was a burden for her, a limit to her acquaintances , it emerged from the analysis of the chats on the woman's phone.


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