Last around the Spanish Quarters of Naples with the scooter. In three, all without helmets .

The video, which went viral on Tik Tok, was also released on Facebook by the Neapolitan deputy of the Verdi-Left Alliance Francesco Emilio Borrelli .

«They reported to us a video that immortalizes Ultimo around the Spanish Quarters of Naples on a scooter with two other people. No one, including the artist, wears helmets. Something unacceptable from a public figure followed by many young people. Unless you tell us that it is your double, apologize publicly as soon as possible », attacks Borrelli.

Again, the parliamentarian presses: «What example do we set in this way to the very young? How do we explain to them that the helmet must always be worn if one of their idols flouts the rules? Public figures, especially those with a young audience, have a moral duty to always be the first to set a good example . Such acts are not tolerable."


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