The charity campaign on the Balocco pandoro designed by Chiara Ferragni is an "unfair commercial practice" .

This was established by the first civil section of the Court of Turin, which accepted the appeal presented by Codacons, Users of radio and television services and Adusbef.

Judge Gabriella Ratti ascertained - the associations write in a note - "the incorrect practice implemented by the company and the deceptiveness of the messages launched to the public on the charity campaign associated with the sale of the product".

The Court writes that «the methods of advertising and dissemination of the commercial practice made it clear to consumers that, by purchasing the “Pandoro Pink Christmas”, they would directly contribute to the raising of useful funds for the Regina Margheria hospital in Turin ». Conviction of consumers to which "the significant price difference also contributed", with the designer pandoro costing approximately 2.5 times its classic equivalent .

«A very important sentence – underlines Codacons – which now on the one hand opens the way to compensation in favor of all consumers who had purchased the Pandoro Pint Christmas, deceived by the messages launched by the company and Chiara Ferragni, and on the other aggravates the position of the influencer in the investigation for aggravated fraud opened in Milan".


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