The three victims of Giandavide De Pau , the 51-year-old arrested for the murder of three prostitutes which took place on Thursday 17 November in the Prati district in Rome, were literally slaughtered.

All were hit with dozens of stab wounds, the blows reaching them in various parts of the body, including the neck, back and head .

This is what emerges from the autopsies carried out on the three bodies, still to be ascertained whether the weapon used - it is assumed to be a stiletto - is the same.

Investigators are now working on the hypothesis that De Pau "planned" and "premeditated" the crimes. During the interrogation, the man was very confused and showed that he had few memories, but according to investigators that morning he had a clear intention of killing .

Two circumstances confirm this. In the images of the video surveillance cameras, before the double crime of the Chinese, De Pau appears completely misrepresented, with a mask, hood lowered over his head and overalls . Furthermore, the man filmed the murders , there are two videos being examined by the investigators: in the first, 14 minutes, the man activates the video camera of his smartphone and films the sexual relations with the Chinese citizens in via Augusto Riboty; in the second, 42 minutes, the mobile phone falls to the ground but the video camera remains active and the cries of the massacred women can be heard in the audio .


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