«A Sanremo without Beppe Vessicchio is not a good sign».

Whether the phrase, said as a joke by the singer Elio – a guest in the studios of “Che tempo che fa” with Fabio Fazio and the historic conductor – is a prophecy or not, we will find out only after the Festival is over. What is certain is that the maestro ( who spoke about himself in an interview with Unionesarda.it in 2018 ), now a symbol of the musical event, has decided to "put down his baton": waiting for him, the hosting of a podcast for Amazon Music .

The announcement was made a few days ago: «I won't be at the Festival, I officially declare that I have no direction for any of the competing artists». «I have directed four times at the Elio e le Storie tese Festival and I remember that the first time we met, precisely in the year of La Terra dei Cachi Elio said to me seriously: "We have set ourselves a great goal, we want to finish last ! "And he wasn't joking", the maestro told Fazio during the live TV interview. The song , irreverent and ironic, would instead have had a great fortune , becoming – over the years – a catchphrase and coming close to winning the '96 edition .

The icon of the Festival, even if not present in the audience, is preparing to play a completely new and unexpected role which will see him, together with the Tiktoker Shinhai Ventura , conducting the new format " Italian do Hits better " which will tell the experience of the singers competing on the Ariston stage.


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