The front of solidarity towards Alfredo Cospito is widening, the 55-year-old detained in the Sassari prison of Bancali under the 41 bis regime and on hunger strike for over 100 days.

Around 70 anarchists gathered in front of the Sassari prison, with an impressive array of police forces.

The demonstrators, who are calling for the end of the harsh prison, have installed a stereo system connected to an electric current generator, blaring music at full volume, "so that Alfredo feels that we are here for him". And they also announced the relay hunger strike as a sign of closeness.

Meanwhile, the offensive of the anarchists who espouse Cospito's cause is becoming more and more present in Italy and abroad. The anarchist's companions sent him signals of closeness: not only with writings, banners, marches and garrisons, but also with incendiary actions against diplomatic offices .

After the episode in Athens last December 2 against the first adviser of the embassy Susanna Schlein , yesterday the car of an official of the Italian embassy in Berlin was targeted, while the consulate was hit in Barcelona .

Last night a policeman was injured in Rome when a group broke away from the demonstration in solidarity with Cospito and tried to force the security cordon. There were bottles and smoke bombs thrown, one person was stopped.

In Cagliari, on the other hand, a woman was caught while she was smearing the building of the regional council with a black paint spray can. The inscription: "Fuori Alfredo dal 41 bis" and then the names of the ministers of justice of the Draghi government and of the current Meloni, Cartabia and Nordio government, all accompanied by the circled A, a symbol attributable to anarchist movements.

All activities that are under the constant attention of intelligence and police forces . The actions carried out were announced and followed the traditional two-level strategy: the movementist one with demonstrations and protests, and the terrorist one, with actual attacks against targets associated with the struggle campaigns, in this case for the liberation of Cospito.

Two nights ago some cables of a repeater on a hill in Turin were set on fire : the writing "Fuori Cospito dal 41 bis" stood out on the spot. In Spoleto, an attempt to set fire to the gate of an entrepreneur's villa ; also in this case the claim refers to solidarity with the prisoner. Parades were held yesterday in Trieste - where there were tensions with the forces of order - and in Turin.

And again in Rome a Molotov cocktail was thrown against the Prenestino police district. The watchman intervened immediately giving the alarm and the flames were promptly extinguished. The blitz, according to what emerged from the first investigations, could be linked to the protests of the anarchists. While in Livorno an envelope with a bullet and threats to the judges was addressed to the director of Il Tirreno Luciano Tancredi. The letter refers to the anarchist: "If Alfredo Cospito dies, the judges are all objectives: 2 months without food, fire in the prisons". The police have seized all the material. Investigations are underway.

Meanwhile, the 55-year-old has lost 40 kilos and in recent days - after falling in the shower - suffered a fracture at the base of the nose. As his health worsened, the National Guarantor of persons deprived of their liberty, Mauro Palma, requested his urgent transfer . On March 7, the discussion in the Cassation is expected on the appeal by Cospito's lawyer against the 41 bis. While on Monday the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio will answer a question on the case in the Justice Commission of the Chamber.

Meanwhile, Palazzo Chigi explains that «The actions of the protesters will not intimidate the institutions. The State does not come to terms with those who threaten”. And the Undersecretary of Justice, Andrea Delmastro, also defends the hard line: «The magistrates are not intimidated. The state does not bend. The special legislation against terrorism does not retreat», he said in reference to the envelope with the bullet addressed to the attorney general Francesco Saluzzo, who supports the accusation of the appeal process bis against the anarchist.


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