The Russians "are preparing" to leave the Zaporizhzhia plant .

The Ukrainians support this: "It is too early to say that the Russian army is leaving the plant", specified the president of the Ukrainian nuclear agency Energoatom Petr Kotin , but there is "the impression that they are packing up, stealing everything they can find .

If confirmed, it would be yet another sign of Moscow's black crisis in the conflict .

In Kherson, meanwhile, dozens of Russian raids continue day and night , which after the most populous neighborhoods target the power lines, leaving the light to less than 5% of the residents and forcing hundreds of men, women and children to tragic exodus from the city.

According to Kiev, the invader is preparing to launch a new secret "mobilization" starting December 10 to strengthen its troops at the front , and would be ready to move its units from Belarus to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the weather forecast is worsening with snow, rain and frost in the north, in the central regions and also in Kiev . And the first deaths are counted among those who try to find alternative heat sources in the face of continuous blackouts. The authorities run for cover, with crews working around the clock to restore basic services: the operator of the state electricity grid Ukrenergo has reported that electricity production is currently able to meet 80% of consumption demand , while in Kiev electricity, water, heating and communications have been almost completely restored.

On the diplomatic front, the stalemate on the possibilities of a negotiated solution to the conflict continues . While the Vatican is willing to host a table to achieve peace, for the bishop of Kiev "the non-stop attacks" of the invader "show that Russia does not want dialogue" .

Speaking for Moscow is Minsk, which has accused the United States of not allowing the Ukrainian leadership to start negotiations. “The Americans want to bring down Europe in one fell swoop and then approach China through Russia,” President Alexander Lukashenko said, as the death of Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei continues to remain shrouded in mystery , which Kiev attributed to a possible poisoning: no official explanation has yet been provided by the Belarusian authorities. He was a "true friend" of Moscow, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry. Just today Lavrov was supposed to go to Minsk to meet him.


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