Very high tension in the Middle East, with Iran ready to "avenge" the Revolutionary Guards killed in the raid attributed to Israel carried out against Tehran's consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus.

The alarm of an "imminent attack" against the Jewish State by the Islamic Republic or pro-Iranian groups was raised by the Bloomberg agency, which cites American sources.

According to the sources, the potential attack could be carried out with high-precision missiles or drones and could target "military or government" targets.

Confirmations of the imminent retaliation ( also announced by Ayatollah Khamenei ) also came from US President Joe Biden. "Iran is threatening to launch a significant attack against Israel," said Washington's number one, promising to stand by his ally against the threat.

«As I told Prime Minister Netanyahu - Biden declared - our commitment to Israel's security against these threats from Iran and its allies is ironclad. We will do everything we can to protect Israel's security."


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