We hadn't heard from him for 4 days , since his 30th birthday , September 28th. His last access to his cell phone also bears that date. A call comes in this morning. It was she who , crying, warned us that she was in prison . In Tehran . Arrested by the police along with her friends as she was about to celebrate her birthday. It was just a few words but desperate. He was asking for help. "

It is the desperate appeal of the father of Alessia Piperno , a young Italian stopped in Iran. She "is a lonely traveler, she travels the world to learn about the customs and traditions of peoples: she has always adapted and respected the traditions and, in some cases, the obligations of each country she has visited", the words of her father, who now he turned to the Farnesina which is following the case. Still, however, it is not even clear in which prison the girl is being held .

Alessia Piperno's trip to Iran was one of the many that the girl had been doing for seven years now, since she had decided to become a travel blogger .

A very worrying situation, also given the dramatic moment that the country is experiencing with the protests in the streets for the death of Mahsa Amini that resulted in a terrible repression.

Three days ago Amnesty International denounced the arrest of 9 foreigners considered "accomplices" of the demonstrators, and revealed that among them there was an Italian.

The young woman in the last post published in recent days on Instagram had expressed her fear and concern for what was happening in Iran, underlining however that at the moment she was unable to leave.

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