Six years in prison. It is the sentence imposed by a Russian military court on a woman found guilty of having avoided mobilization for the conflict with Ukraine.

This was reported by the Moscow newspaper Kommersant, specifying that the sentence has currently been "frozen", as the woman is a new mother and once again expecting.

Madina Kabaleva, this is the name of the accused, will therefore serve the expected detention no earlier than 2032, when her son, born in 2018, will turn 14.

From what we understand, the sentence was confirmed by the Court for the Southern Military District, which found the woman guilty of failing to report for duty without a good reason during a period of mobilization and armed conflict.

The defense pointed out that the woman was in possession of a certificate from the same doctors of her company which exempted her from service as she was pregnant and the mother of a child under 14 years of age. But according to the judges she should still have presented herself to personally communicate the exemption.


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