Israel will go ahead with the military operation in Rafah regardless of a hostage deal. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed in a press conference his intention to enter the last city in southern Gaza - a stone's throw from Egypt - where over a million displaced Palestinians are concentrated.

“Even with a hostage agreement we will enter Rafah, there is no alternative for a total victory and there is no other way to eliminate Hamas and its battalions there,” the Israeli prime minister said.

The move is opposed by the USA and the international community, but Netanyahu continues: «Whoever wants to prevent us from acting in Rafah wants us to lose the war, so I also repeated to Biden. And I say to world leaders that Israel will fight until complete victory, which also includes action in Rafah, after the eviction of civilians."

Another point of conflict with the US and EU is the Palestinian state: «Israel - Netanyahu explained - does not accept international diktats. An agreement with the Palestinians will only happen with direct negotiations between the parties and without unilateral recognition of the Palestinian state. There would be no greater reward for terrorism."

Negotiations on the ceasefire and the delivery of the hostages are at a standstill: "Only strong military pressure will lead to their return home," said Netanyahu, who then dismissed the possibility of him resigning, as requested by the opposition: “The elections will be held in a few years, let's stay united,” he said.


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