Harsh attack by Iran's supreme leader on the West and on the "sexual chaos" that he would promote with his "ignorance".

"Sexual chaos continues today in Western countries, where there are serious moral vices such as homosexuality, which are too shameful to even talk about," said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Those he calls "Western regimes", in Khamenei's opinion, today "promote immorality in a more widespread and organized way even than the pre-Islamic age of ignorance."

The result according to Khomeini's successor is that "Western civilization has been transformed into the modern age of ignorance".

The Iranian penal code provides for the death penalty for homosexual acts, recently people who expressed opinions or gave interviews on the subject were arrested on charges of trying to "normalize" homosexuality itself. Several blitzes carried out by the police at gay parties and gatherings, whose participants were arrested.

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