Another massacre in the United States , the 129th since the beginning of the year.

A 28-year-old woman entered Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, carrying two rifles and a pistol and opened fire, killing six people, including at least three elementary school students.
The woman was stopped on the second floor of the building, when she was still in the hall and had not had time to enter any classroom. The five officers who arrived first confronted her and killed her on the spot.

"We are trying to identify her - say the police - We are examining the footage from the cameras inside the school" where the killer - who initially the officers thought was a teenager - entered through one of the side doors.

It is currently unclear whether he had any ties to the school.

Since 1979 there have been only 17 mass shootings by women in America, of which 7 - including today's one - have had a dramatic theater school.

Congress must act and ban assault weapons, President Joe Biden said. “What happened is a nightmare. We need to do more about gun violence, to protect schools from becoming prisons."


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