«Everything is ready for Saturday, it will be a very popular event». Thus Marco Pau, one of the spokespersons for the coordination of the committees against energy speculation, regarding the demonstration scheduled the day after tomorrow at the basilica of Saccargia against the wind attack on the island.

The Committees are at the Region headquarters in Viale Trento where they are meeting the governor Alessandra Todde. «The Saccargia meeting is one of the things we have carried out in this period to increase the awareness of the Sardinian people. It will be a party where we will reiterate our concepts even if in a different form, with a concert, in any case the press such as Videolina, Radiolina and Unione Sarda will follow the event step by step ." Why Saccargia? «It is a symbol, because there was an operation to upgrade the wind turbines there. We want to understand how the president intends to hinder existing authorizations. It's important to be there." What will they ask Todde? «How does he intend to move with respect to the Suitable Areas decree that he signed, a decree that does not protect us, and how does he intend to limit the 60 gigawatts of authorizations given to the ministry and the department for the Sardinian share».

Furthermore, explains Pau, «where do the 6.2 gigawatts assigned to the island come from? And do we know how much energy the island actually needs?". According to the Committees «the Region should have gone directly to the Regional Council and approved a rule that would protect the landscape using our Statute».


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