The new Tossilo waste-to-energy plant , whose restart was set for the first ten days of August, undergoes a new stop and the start-up of the plants is once again postponed .

Thus the service , calibrated for the disposal needs of half of Sardinia with a potential of 60 thousand tons of waste per year to be burned, remains at stake .

The president and administrator of Tossilo Spa, Antonio Delitala , is not there and threatens to bring the documents to the Public Prosecutor 's Office if the new plant, which cost the Region 50 million euros, does not start soon.

"We have not had any dialogue with the Region , so we do not know the reason for the new postponement - explains Delitala - The plant should have been delivered for two years according to the contract and evidently the conditions for testing are not yet there. start of the composting platform (waste selection), by August where about ten of the 30 workers will be employed, while another 11 have been taken on by the municipalities of Macomer and Borore, thanks to the agreement with the regional department for work ".

"It is certain - underlines the administrator of Tossilo Spa - that here there are those who want to boycott the new waste -to-energy plant which instead must respond to a fundamental need in central and northern Sardinia. We will not allow it and if things continue to go on for a long time. we will bring the documents to the Prosecutor's Office ".

"We are unaware of the strategies of the Region on these issues and of the attempts that want to bury Tossilo Spa - adds the mayor of Macomer, Antonio Succu - We have no management power and we are powerless in the face of a regional policy that lacks clarity ".

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