They were accused of beating an inmate inside the Bancali prison in 2018 and yesterday, in court in Sassari, they received a six-month prison sentence from judge Antonietta Crobu.

But the person attacked, of Romanian origin - the other accused, also detained, are 2 from Alghero and one from Sassari - also received the same sentence because he had hit himself with a crutch.

During yesterday's discussion, the defenders of the accused retraced, like the lawyer Patrizia Marcori, the climate of tension that pre-existed the facts which then resulted in the episode six years ago. When, according to the prosecution, the 42-year-old Romanian suffered the worst and suffered wounds that healed in 30 days . And, in this sense, the prosecutor had decided to request acquittal for the latter because his conduct would have been guided only by self-defense while the request for the other defendants was two years of imprisonment.

The lawyers were Patrizia Marcori, Paola Dessì, Federica Atzeni, Gianfranco Casu and Maria Pia Basoli.

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