The three cases of Trichinellosis found in three Orgosolo patients have been confirmed.

During the admission of the youngest to the San Francesco hospital in Nuoro, the first diagnostic suspicions were born, then confirmed by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità through tests with the Western Blott method. At the moment one of the three cases required hospitalization and was taken over by the San Francesco Infectious Diseases Operating Unit.

From the Asl 3 of Nuoro a note has arrived to "reassure the population by remembering that, alongside the timely diagnosis guaranteed by the Analysis Laboratory of the San Francesco Hospital, the company veterinary services - in particular the Complex Animal Health Nuoro - Lanusei and the 'Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Sardinia work in synergy in order to ensure the prevention and control of this zoonosis whose transmission to humans occurs exclusively via food, through the consumption of infected meat, in particular pork (pig or wild boar) , equine and more rarely of wild carnivores (fox). Trichinosis is not spread from person to person . "

"The Trichinella danger - adds the Nuoro and Lanusei Animal Health Unit - can be avoided by not consuming raw or undercooked meats of the species concerned or cured meats obtained from meat slaughtered in unsuitable facilities and not subject to the control of the Veterinary Services. The owners of the pigs. who intend to carry out the slaughtering in the company for self-consumption of the meat, must apply to the Veterinary Services of the ASL of Nuoro who will ensure the control on the days and at the agreed time. After the collection and analysis of a muscle sample, the meat with favorable results can be declared fit for human consumption, thus guaranteeing consumer safety. Hunters must also give muscle samples of all wild boars and foxes hunted to the Veterinary Services and consume the meat only after having received the favorable outcome of the analysis Salting, drying, smoking and microwaving of the meat do not ensure killing ision of the parasite ", concludes the company.

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