Two people of Yugoslavian origin , a forty-four year old and his eighteen year old son , were arrested in Selargius on suspicion of attempted extortion and receiving stolen goods, in competition with each other .

The two had in fact attempted to extort 1200 euros , with the threat of physical repercussions if the police were notified , for the return of a stolen vehicle to the courier of a delivery company.

The man, who had reported the theft on social media, was in fact contacted by the two, who gave him an appointment for the afternoon of February 20th in the municipality of Selargius, going to the agreed location with the stolen vehicle.

At that moment, however, the two criminals were intercepted by a crew from the Quartu Sant'Elena Public Security Police Station.

The two were then arrested on suspicion of the crime of attempted extortion and receiving stolen goods and held in the security rooms of the police station .

The validation hearing ordered the transfer of the father to prison in Uta and the obligation for the son to stay at home , with a ban on leaving during the evening and night hours.


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