"I'll go back to school with my head held high." Marisa Francescangeli is sure of hers and, on the microphones of the Videolina news, she confirms her position, the same one that cost her twenty days of suspension from teaching , in the primary school of San Vero Milis ( HERE THE NEWS ).

«People», explains the teacher in the interview, «have challenged me about something I didn't think there was anything wrong with , like a prayer before Christmas, with the little job of the bracelet». According to Francescangeli, in the end, it was the children themselves who lost out: "It is they who have suffered, especially as regards the school curriculum".

Then the teacher forcefully dismisses the rumors circulating about her presumed teachings: in the last few hours someone had claimed that Marisa Francescangeli had explained to the children, during geography lessons, that volcanoes were a divine punishment against man's wickedness : «Don't I never said that, absolutely. I'm a natural thing."

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