There are live images of the terrible accident that occurred this morning on State Road 195, just outside San Giovanni Suergiu , which cost the lives of a married couple, who died charred inside a Ferrari.

A video shot by a passing motorist , who in turn was overtaken by speeding cars, shows the tragic moment in which a Lamborghini returns to the lane after overtaking and is then hit by a Ferrari which was also overtaking.

A terrible crash due to which the Lamborghini - with two Indians from Mumbai on board, unharmed - hits the camper - in which tourists from South Tyrol were traveling and suffered minor injuries - which he had just attempted to overtake. The car goes under the large vehicle which overturns.

The rest is an inferno that leaves dozens of shocked motorists who watch helplessly as the Ferrari is engulfed in flames. On board were Melissa and Markus Krautli, Swiss men aged 63 and 67 who lived in Wellisellen, a town in the Canton of Zurich.

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