A stretch of road, enhanced by a historic iron cross, which for the citizens of Bonorva and beyond has always had a profound moral significance: as a symbolic protection for travelers, faithful and pilgrims who go to the nearby church of Santa Lucia.

The "Croce di Violante", as the Bonorvesi call it, has been restored, but next to it another new and larger one has been placed, the work of the Bonorvese iron craftsman Fernando Pintus . The cross was inaugurated and blessed this morning by the parish priest of Bonorva, Don Pietro Faedda, in the presence of local authorities, faithful and citizens.

"A very beautiful work by a fellow citizen that makes even more fascinating a portion of the territory to which the Bonorvesi are very attached - comments the mayor of Bonorva Massimo D'Agostino -. A donation that is above all an act of faith, particularly appreciated by community, which also thanks to these profound symbols finds the strength and the courage to go forward ".

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