He was found in possession of 15 grams of cocaine and was arrested by the police.

The 19-year-old from Terralba , assisted by the lawyer Paolo Todde, was tried in a very direct way : the lawyer asked for terms of defense and the judge Cristiana Argiolas postponed the hearing to Monday 5 June (the prosecutor was Marcello Floris), in the meantime she released the boy by arranging the obligation to stay in Terralba and stay overnight.

The carabinieri of the operational section of the Oristano Company and of the Terralba station had been keeping the young man under control for some time and in recent days there was a search of the house : here the soldiers found the drug (15 grams of cocaine) and so the young man was arrested for possession and drug dealing.

The operation could be connected to the one that took place two weeks ago when two other young men from Terralba ended up in handcuffs , who have already negotiated the sentence.

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