Another victim of waste at sea. A specimen of Caretta caretta turtle was found lifeless on the Ezzi Mannu beach in Stintino. Around his neck a tangle of nets and wires.

It was spotted on the beach by the owners of the "I Fenicotteri" kiosk who immediately reported the animal to the Port Authority of Porto Torres which triggered the alarm procedure, involving the Municipality of Stintino and the professionals of Crama, the Marine animal recovery center that operates on the island of Asinara.

From a first inspection it would be a specimen of a sea turtle between 39 and 40 years old, in full reproductive age, which died not of natural causes but, probably, due to a net or thread found around its neck.

The veterinary department of the ASL of Sassari authorized the removal and arranged the move with the help of the local barracelli, who intervened in support of a specialized company of Sergio Grassi and a vehicle made available by an operator, Giovanni Murineddu.

«Another example of an animal victim of human negligence and carelessness, killed due to sea pollution», said the mayor Rita Vallebella, «creatures continually threatened by waste abandoned in the sea, a danger for turtles and for the marine ecosystem itself."

The discovery was made on World Sea Turtle Day.

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