Artificial intelligence in the Island is used by 5% of small businesses . But the jobs at risk would already be 71 thousand .

The alarm comes from Confartigianato Sardinia . And even if new technologies can represent a great opportunity for companies , it is necessary to manage change in a prudent way. «If artificial intelligence is exploited correctly – explains the vice president of the trade association Fabio Mereu – it will allow companies to have advanced products with new functions. Similarly, automation hangs like a sword of Damocles over the fate of small and medium-sized Sardinian businesses , which however have the antibodies . If the process is not governed correctly, it could have a significant impact on companies and employees, causing the so-called urgent " technological unemployment ", therefore strengthening that system of antibodies".

According to the dossier, on the island, out of a total of 212,670 workers working in manufacturing activities, only 25.1% (71,118 workers) would be at "automation risk". The percentage reaches 35.6% in craft businesses (22,277 employed out of 62,560).Twelve variables linked to innovation, training, creativity and relationships on which the degree of immunity to automation risk depends, however, oppose the data, which would make Sardinia "immune" to the danger . man will always be able to beat the robot in those activities characterized by interpersonal relationships (tourism, creativity and culture) and by a high diffusion, quality and effectiveness of the training system and orientation towards innovation.

«The work of man - confirms the president of Confartigianto Imprese Sardegna Maria Amelia Lai - his experience and his skills, including manual ones, are indispensable in many areas and production chains, of which our region is rich and represents a excellence: supported by a high level of training, they are supply chains that would lose their uniqueness precisely without the human contribution».


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