Sinnai and the diocese of Ales-Terralba in mourning for the death of the bishop emeritus Monsignor Antonino Orrù . Born in Sinnai 94 years ago, he died yesterday in Cagliari . It was communicated by the Diocese of Cagliari.

The news quickly spread today in Sinnai where family members reside, causing great condolences . "A mourning for Sinnai - said the mayor Tarcisio Anedda , speaking on behalf of the entire City Council and citizenship - we remember an extraordinary figure who has given prestige to our town".

THE RELIGIOUS PATH - Monsignor Orrù was ordained a priest in the parish of Santa Barbara in Sinnai in 1952 by the then archbishop of Cagliari Monsignor Paolo Botto. On the same day, another illustrious Sinnaese, Monsignor Giovanni Cadeddu, who died a few years ago, was ordained a priest. Monsignor Antonino Orrù was vicar of Serramanna (his first assignment) and then became, in 1964, parish priest of the church of Santa Lucia in Cagliari. He took the place of another illustrious Sinnaese sarcedote, Monsignor Luigi Lobina.

Twenty-six years later, in 1990, Don Orrù was appointed bishop with office in the ancient diocese of Ales-Terralba. The episcopal consecration came from Archbishop Ottorino Pietro Alberti, in Bonaria. Monsignor Orrù left the diocese of "Ales-Terralba" in 2004 due to age restrictions. Since then, he has lived in Cagliari, assisted by the Giuseppine di Genoni nuns at “La casa della ragazza”.

Monsignor Orrù worked in the technical office of the Curia of Cagliari. In Solanas he left a great work, "The cliff", built 52 years ago to promote the "pastoral care of tourism." Just tonight, at "The cliff" the torchlight procession of the Assumption will stop.

An extraordinary figure, also close to the workers: his visit to the Siddi pasta factory in crisis is historic. He was welcomed by the workers and their families.

THE FUNERAL - The funeral will take place on Tuesday at 11 in the church of Bonaria in Cagliari . The current bishop of the diocese of Ales-Terralba, Monsignor Roberto Carboni, will celebrate. The homily will be given by the archbishop of Cagliari, Giuseppe Baturi.

On Tuesday afternoon at 5 pm, mass will be celebrated in the parish of Santa Barbara before the burial in the family tomb, in the old cemetery.

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